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Ciclos B-Tox Unique Reconstruct Mask 1kg - Portier

by Portier

Portier Cycles B-Tox Unique is developed with a new technology capable of restoring and preventing the aging of the wires. Its rich composition of amino acids and Baobá protein (BAOBAB NPNF ™) of African botanical origin known as the tree of life, gives the wires intense tenderness, conditioning and resistance.
The result is the return of the yarn's brilliance, softness, silkiness and reduced volume.

How to use:

To start the application of the Portier Cycles B-Tox Unique Volume Control pass before, an anti-waste cleaning shampoo, massaging the wires well and washing the hair well. Rinse the wires and repeat the operation. During the last application, leave the shampoo acting for 20 minutes in the hair. After rinsing the wires, I applied the product to the hair, wick to wick, and the whole length of the wires. The action time of the b-tox is 20 to 40 minutes, and after that you should rinse the hair with water only, dry the hair with a blow dryer, make a complete brush, and pass the board in the fine wicks of 7 To 10 times, to seal the cuticles. Finalize as you wish.

-1 Portier Ciclos Mask B-Tox Unique 1kg