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Clinic Repair System Daily Hair Treatment Kit 3 Products - Richeé

by Richée

The Clinic Repair System Daily Care line was developed to hydrate, protect and restore hair from cumulative damages from environmental pollution, oxidizing action, chemical processes and other aggressions to the threads. Formulated with cereal nanospheres, proteins from apple, peach, ginseng, Jojoba oil, tomato oil, multivitamins A, E, and B complex.

Cereal and Multivitamin nanospheres: combination that increases the resistance of yarn to aggression, preserves hydration and nutrition for longer in capillary fiber

How to Use:
Apply the shampoo to wet hair and massage the scalp and wires with your fingertips until foam forms. Rinse and, if necessary, repeat the process.

After washing the hair, remove the moisture from the hair and distribute the mask from the length to the tips. Massage and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse well.

Remove excess water with a towel and apply a small amount of the conditioner. Massage the wires gently and let the product act for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

-Clinic Repair Shampoo 250ml
-Clinic Repair Keratin 250ml
-Clinic Repair Mask 250g