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Control Deep Hair Mask Pro Premium Hair Mask 500g - Madamelis

The Madame Lis Mask Control Pro Hair Deep Hair Mask is a volume-reducing cream for bulky and unruly hair. Alisa while moisturizing, controlling frizz, giving shine and protecting hair color.
Is a thermogenic treatment enriched with natural oils, polyphenols and fatty acids that restore hair to moisture and moisture. It also recovers the hair fiber and the structure of the threads, sealing the cuticles giving intense shine and malleability. Provides frizz reduction and full control over volume.
 It promotes the realignment and capillary sealing already in the first application. Its formula reduces the volume while at the same time deeply repairing the hair damages controlling the frizz and protecting the color of the hair, providing a perfect smooth.
The result is smoother hair without frizz and well hydrated since the first application.

Natural oil: Hydrates and deeply repairs wires.
polyphenols and fatty acids: return the hair to moisture and moisture, recovering the hair fiber, sealing the cuticles and providing volume reduction.

How to use:
After washing the hair with the deep cleansing shampoo (anti-waste), apply the Deep Hair Mask Capillary Madame Lis Mask Control Pro throughout the extension of the threads. Wait 20 to 40 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Finish with dryer and surfboard.

Important informations:
- It is imperative to perform a wick test on the hair before application to check the compatibility of the product on the wires.
- Product not indicated for pregnant or lactating women.
- Does not smooth curly hair, only decreases volume.