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Tricomplex Restore Reconstructor KeraPrime Solution Hair Treatment 300ml - Beox

by Beox

It is the best way to control unruly wires and reduce volume. Its formula does not contain formaldehyde, ensures straightening in all types of hair, as it is composed of a blend of Amino Acids such as: Lactic Acid and Lactobionic Acid that realign the hair, repairing the cuticle and keeping the cortex intact, and prevent breakage and make your hair extremely shiny.

Keraprime Solution is enriched with the Fiber Protein System - a complex of oils and proteins with unique intensive repair technology that replenishes nutrients by aligning the hair fiber in the desired shape, avoiding yarn fading and yellowing. It is also a single step, which makes application easier and provides more performance. Free product of formaldehyde, carbocysteine, glyoxylic acid and gluten.

How to use:
1. Using a brush, apply KeraPrime Solution half a centimeter from the root, strand by strand. Let it sit for 40 min (on sensitive hair and 50 min). 
2. After the break time, rinse the hair, removing excess product.
3. Dry the hair with the aid of brush and dryer.
4. Straighten the hair in thin strands 15 times at a temperature of 200-230ºC.

Note: The smooth effect will be gradual on very curly and resistant hair. It will take several applications to achieve the smooth effect and the break time between one application must be 15 days.

-01 Beox Keraprime Solution Progressive 300ml