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Brightness Treatment Post Progressive Nanoplasty Color Blond 500ml - Naturelle


Color Nanoplasty, a post-progressive shock treatment that acts as an instantaneous and intense water replenisher to the hair fiber, returning the water lost in the sealing process when exposed to the high temperatures of the dryer and flat iron, in addition to shielding the wire against external damage (heat, pollution, free radicals, etc.), promoting an increase of up to 30% in the durability of the treatment.

 It also guarantees instant brightness and color correction - often achieved in the progressive process, promotes softness, shine and nutrition to the threads, combating frizz and improving malleability.

Attention: it is not a toner, capable of dyeing hair. It only restores the hue lost in the thermal process.

 It is also a reconstruction treatment capable of mapping the capillary structure and filling the fiber according to your need, returning strength, nutrition and mass gain necessary to keep your hair healthy for longer.

-01 Naturelle Nanoplasty Color Blond 500ml