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Defrizant Thermal Protection High Impact Anti Frizz Hair Healing 150g - Alpha Line


The Alpha Line High Impact Hair Healing Line was developed to intelligently repair hair damage, such as breakage, low elasticity, lack of shine, split ends and dryness caused by the aggressions suffered on a daily basis.

Formulated with nutri-ceramides, biomimetic keratin and wheat protein, its technology acts as a bio-adhesive promoting the healing of the hair fiber, replenishing lost nutrients and hydrating the devitalized strands, making the hair uniform, with balance, shine, softness and healthy.

How to use: With clean hair, apply the Defrizante High Impact Capillary Healing on the strands, without rinsing. Then start the finishing process with a hairdryer, flat iron or if you prefer, let it dry naturally.

-01 Defrizante Thermal Protection High Impact Hair Healing 150g