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Detox Healthy Hair Revitalize Treatment Shampoo and Mask 2x1L - Ybera Paris

by Ybera
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Detox Detoxifying Shampoo 1L - We developed a special Shampoo that through the prophylaxis of its highly purifying actives restores the health of the scalp and quality of the yarn. Ybera Professional's Detox Healthy treatment is the best alternative because it contains in its formulation a complex of extracts based on melissa, spearmint and rosemary that acts directly on the cells, potentiating the extraction of the impurities and forming a protective film against the entry of new toxins.
How to use: Apply detoxifying to wet hair, massaging evenly. Let it act for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Repeat the operation if necessary.

Detox Mask 1L - Developed with D-Panthenol, extract of rosemary, melissa and mint, it revitalizes all types of hair giving the wire an ultra long lasting moisturizing. Its formula specially developed for the hair that goes through the aggressions of the day to day, improves the malleability and reduces the formation of double ends. It forms a protective film against the entry of toxins that cause mold on the wires.
How to use: After washing the hair with the detoxifying Shampoo, apply the Masking Detox Mask and let it act for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Indication: Specific treatment for oily root purification and dry tips.