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Natural Super Curls Coconut Modeler Cream Mask Hair Style Shape 500g - Deva Curl


This super nourishing modeler cream with coconut oil infusion offers you all the freedom to express yourself with your curls. The Super Cream does everything softens, smooths, shapes, moisturizes, defines, controls the volume, tames frizz, loose curls, leaving hair shiny and lifts your look!

How to Use:
If the clusters are of fine to medium, rub the product in the palm of the hand and spread in curls. If your hair are thick, apply strand by strand to full coverage. To make the most loose curls, apply to wet hair towards the tips. To get a look "unkempt" apply to damp hair and when they are dry, balance the root to increase the volume. To brush the curls, apply a small amount on the fingertips, spread on the bunch and wrap it on the index finger to reactivate the way.

- 01 Deva Curl Coconut Cream Super Curls 500g