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Xtreme Professional Repair Reconstructive Hair Therapy Conditioner 250ml - Do-ha

by Do-ha

Conditioner for damaged hair. DO.HA Xtreme Repair repairs the wires from root to tip and recovers lost shine. It reconstructs the inner part of the hair fiber by filling in the gaps and increases the resistance against further aggressions by replacing the nutrients responsible for protecting the threads so that they have constant softness and shine.

Trace elements: source of minerals, repairs the hair fiber intensively.
Panthenol: returns and preserves hydration and movement of the threads.
Acai extract: protects hair from sun damage, pollution and chemical processes.
Avocado Extract: eliminates dryness and stimulates hair growth.
Marigold Extract: acts as a healer and controls oiliness.
Sunflower Seed Extract: rich in vitamin E, combats the action of free radicals and prevents hair aging.
Goji Berry Extract: source of antioxidants, increases the resistance of the threads with the rescue of shine, softness and flexibility.

How to Use:
After using the shampoo, apply the conditioner to the length and ends of the strands
Leave it for 3 to 4 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly.

-01 DO-HA Xtreme Professional Repair Conditioner 250ml