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Easy Smooth 5 in 1 Thermo Active Hair Treatment Fluid 200ml - Fit Cosmetics


Easy Smooth Fit Cosmetics is an innovative Thermoactivated Fluid totally free of chemical straightening agents that provides the temporary smooth effect. It promotes the alignment of the cuticles, strengthens and rebuilds the hair fiber, leaving the wires much healthier and brighter. Formulated with a unique combination of flaxseed actives and Action Liss cationic polymers - which form a superficial cuticle film - it promotes discipline, smooth and frizz-free effect on hair.

How to Use:

- After washing and conditioning hair, wipe off moisture with a towel. Spray the Easy Smooth from root to tip and comb.

- Do the brushing and you're done! If you prefer, finish with flat iron.


-01 Fit Easy Smooth Fluid 200ml