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EE Cream Energy Enhancer Cream SOS 10 in 1 Hair Treatment 240ml - Acquaflora


EE Cream (Energy Enhancer Cream) Acquaflora offers 10 benefits to hair chemically processed and damaged by straightening, progressive brushing, coloring and discoloration.

1- Deep fiber repair
2- Anti-aging action
3- Decreased Frizz
4- Thermal Protection
5- Brightness
6- Softness
7- Longer color durability
8- Easy clearance
9- Longer lasting hairstyle
10- Prevention of split ends

Its formula contains:
Concentrate of Polyphenols and Biofunctional Amino Acids: with high penetration power, it restores hair extremely damaged by chemical aggressions, preserving its integrity. It renews the cuticle surface and reduces porosity, restoring balance to the hair.

For a better result, after washing the hair with the Acquaflora SOS Shampoo and applying the Acquaflora Deep Repair SOS Super Conditioner, apply a small amount of the Acquaflora SOS EE Cream along the entire length of the strands. Do not rinse. It can be applied to damp or dry hair, spraying in the hand and spreading, like a cream. Let it dry naturally or finish with a hairdryer or iron.

-01 EE Cream Energy Enhancer Cream 240ml