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"Emergency Room" (Pronto Socorro) SOS Regenerating Mask - Madamelis


The Madamelis Pronto Socorro (Emercy Room) Mask has fast action of 3 minutes. It transforms elastic and rubberized wires through a deep and complete restructuring in totally healthy, soft and recovered hair.

For Elastic, Embolted, Fragile, Damaged and Porous Hair.

Main Assets:
Filcortex - Blend of the unique amino acids for the preservation of the health of the threads.
Omega 3, 6 and 9 - Stronger and healthier hair: Consuming Omega 3 causes it to provide food to the hair follicles, thus helping the hair to grow healthy, as well as prevent hair loss and maintain the luster of the hair.
Phytoqueratina - Vegetable keratin with lower molecular weight guaranteeing better absorption and restructuring all the yarn.

Hair Benefits:
- Anti-seizure action;
- Fights breakage of wires;
- Complete and instant reconstruction;
- Capillary mass repository.

How to use:
- Apply a sufficient amount on damp hair;
- Massage the hair and let it act for 5 minutes and then rinse;
- Finish as you wish.