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Semprebella Hair Oil Sensational Argan 35ml


It's the member of the family everbella that came to nourish the wires, seal the cuticles and provide that wonderful hydration, besides it is clear to control the frizz! features finded for all kinds of hair
S.Descriptions short, hydrates, Nourishes and controls frizz.Açõesela, moisturizes, nourishes and controls frizz.The argan oil
Multifunctional Benefunctions: Can be used pure, mixed, for moisturizing and moisturizing and nutrition.
Conditioning Action
Product Vegano
Not tested in sensational animals. You ravage!
Mode of Use
1 - After washing your hair with shampoo, remove excess water with a towel.
2 - Apply small amounts of the product, grinding wick to wick, in length and tips.
3 - Let's act for 3 minutes, rinsing and finalize with conditioning. , Alpha-isomethyl ionone, Argania Spinosa kernel oil.Typos

Show for all types of hair