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Evoluxe Professional Hair Relaxer Kit - ASP

by ASP
The Professional Hair Relaxer Kit was specially developed for use in the most renowned beauty salons for afro curly or curly hair. Relaxes and smooths the strands, in addition to controlling the volume. Modern formula with triple action, with high technology that relaxes the hair in a practical and safe way, guaranteeing great results and maximum conditioning in all steps. The Kit Evoluxe with Guanidina allows the modeling of the hair as desired, relaxing or straightening from the most resistant to the most fragile hair. Its active principle acts inside the hair, aligning the hair structure in a safe and healthy way, guaranteeing satisfactory results such as shine and softness.
It is ideal for 20 complete applications or 40 touch-ups.
Kit Contents:
1 Hair Relaxer Cream 3Kg - controls the volume, smooths the waves and provides a smooth effect to the hair.
3 Liquid Activator 500ML - combined with the Hair Relaxer Cream, promotes the relaxation of medium or thick threads that are resistant to straightening processes.
2 Indicator Shampoo 500ML - promotes the cleaning and removal of the product from the wires smoothly and without harming them. Formulated with actives that provide softness, shine and cuticle closure, leaving hair healthy after the chemical procedure.
2 Corrective Conditioner 500ML - Leave-in rich in emollient actives and cupuaçu butter. Finishes the hairstyle and seals the cuticles after the relaxing process. Ideal for use as a pre-brush, as it provides thermal protection and facilitates the sliding of the same in the hair, promoting shine and alignment of the strands.
Application Glove
How to Use Brochure


Mixing Container

Hair Relaxer Cream Meter

Liquid Activator Meter

Short Bristle Brush for Application

Active Principle: Calcium Hydroxide and Guanidine Carbonate - penetrate the inside of the hair, changing its structure for a healthy and safe straightening.

How to Use:
1 - With the help of the meters, add the Liquid Activator to the Hair Relaxer Cream inside the Mixing Container according to the measures suggested in the How to Use Brochure, contained in the kit and mix until you get a homogeneous, slightly pink cream.
2 - Separate the hair into four sections, put on the Application Glove, check the break time indicated for your hair type (according to the How to Use Brochure), apply the cream in thin strands, with the help of the brush, in the direction from the roots to the ends ( keep a distance of one centimeter from the root) and spread gently and stretch with the aid of a non-metallic comb until the desired effect is achieved.
3 - Rinse your hair with warm water, removing as much cream as possible.
4 - Apply the Indicator Shampoo, massage gently and rinse. Repeat the process until the foam comes out completely white.
5 - After thorough rinsing, apply a small amount of the Corrective Conditioner to the hair and brush gently.
Results: yarns with controlled volume, aligned, soft and shiny.
Very Important - Hair that has previously been treated with Henê, Henna, Magnesium, Soda, Ammonia, Thioglycolate, bleached or dyed with Ox 30 or 40 volumes should not be subjected to straightening with guanidine.
Do not apply to children, pregnant women or nursing mothers.
Always do the strand test before any chemical procedure.