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Discoloration Oxygenated Peroxide Water Color Proteox 40V 12% 1L - Exo Hair


Exo Hair Oxygenated Water Proteox 40V - 12% exo Color has been specially designed to improve the performance of oxidative hair dyes and bleaching powder. Its creamy texture facilitates the uniform distribution of assets on the wires, leaving them softer, conditioned and hydrated at the end of the process. For high performance discolorations, we strongly recommend the use of EXOCOLOR - POWDER bleaching EXTRA BLOND combined with line EXOCOLOR PROTEOX to achieve maximum results.
ResultadoLuzes, with less discoloration and dye damage.

How to Use:
Apply to oxidizing dyes and hair discolorations, according to manufacturers' instructions.

-01 Exo Hair Oxygenated Water Color Proteox 40V 12% 1L