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Salon Line Exxa Capillary Gloss Formol Free Volume Reductor Treatment 150ml

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Exxa Gloss Capillary is a cosmetic treatment developed with the highest technology to reduce the volume and promote the realignment of the hair. Its formula enriched with Argan Oil, Ojon Oil, Arginine and Cysteine ​​penetrates the hair fiber providing the cuticle sealing and reducing the frizz of the hair. Result: hair without volume, hydrated and with intense shine in just 1 product!

How to Use:
Wash your hair with the Salon Line shampoo of your choice, if necessary repeat the application. Dry your hair well, about 80% with the aid of a hairdryer. Comb and divide into four equal parts. With the help of a brush, apply the Exxa Gloss over the entire length of the hair, starting at the nape, locking the strands from the root to the ends. Align the wires with the aid of a comb. Let the product act. After the pause time, rinse the hair under running water removing all the product. Apply the Salon Line conditioner of your choice. Then start drying with the brush, and then plank 3 to 6 times in very thin strands. After this procedure, it is not necessary to rinse.

-01 Salon Line Exxa Capillary Gloss 150ml