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Flora Plex One Step Protection Plus 300ml - Floractive

Flora Plex's nanotechnology is activated when it comes in contact with any professional discoloration and coloring system, interconnecting the hair fibers, reinforcing and sealing the hair disulfide bridges, reducing hair breakage by up to 94%. With this technology colorists can dare more without the fear of compromising the integrity of the yarn, even in already sensitized hair.

With FloraPlex we achieve even clearer tones without altering the volume of the activating lotion or changing the pause time. It can still be used in the treatment of any type of hair with chemistry.

Hydrolyzed Collagen (Reconstruction and Hydration)
Keratin (structure and strength)
Ojon (emollience and regeneration)
Milk proteins (follicle stimulating, humectant, detoxifying)
Arginine (amino acid protecting the inner layers)
Coconut oil (helps to retain the natural proteins of the yarns during discoloration)
Moringa oil (strengthening, luster and nourishment, enriches the fiber, treating and restoring elements where there was melanin)

For healthy hair: In 125 ml of the mixture (Flower Collor decolorizing powder plus hydrogen peroxide in the same line) add 5 ml of the Flora Plex step

For brittle hair: Add 5 ml of the Flora Plex pitch to each 30 ml of the mixture (Flower Collor decolorizing powder plus hydrogen peroxide in the same line).

Proceed normally with the application, always following the progress of the procedure, checking the color and health of the yarn. You may notice that Flora Plex maintains the natural nutrients of the yarn, removing only melanin, in these intra-capillary spaces are deposited nutrients of strength, luster and flexibility to the threads. Even so, professional follow-up is indispensable, with the risk of damages being minimized, not totally eliminated in the case of abuse of decolourisers and other bleaching agents or chemicals.