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Force Repair Recovery System Hair Treatment Kit 2x1L - Forever Liss


Indicated for damaged and chemically treated. hair. It acts in the repair of damaged wires, providing hydration, softness and shine.

- Baobab Extract: Fruit rich in Ômegas 6 and 9, Fatty Acids and antioxidant vitamins is highly moisturizing and emollient ideal for damaged hair, acts on the replacement of the lipids lost by the aggressions leaving the yarn completely healthy, soft and shiny.
- Pro Vitamin B5: It forms a protective film and improves the conditioning in the wires reducing the formation of double ends, facilitating the hairstyle and giving more life and volume to the hair.

Hair Benefits:
- Nutrition;
- Intensive Hydration;
- Repair of hair fiber;
- Brightness;
- Protection against chemical aggression;
- Smoothness and Sedosity;
- It promotes total detachment in the threads, facilitating the hairstyle.

How to use:
- With damp hair apply Force Repair Repair Shampoo, massaging the yarn lightly;
- Let the product act for 2 to 3 minutes and repeat the application;
- Rinse;
- Apply Force Repair Conditioner and lightly massage the wires;
- Leave on for up to 3 minutes and rinse;
*Once a week replace the use of the Conditioner by the Force Repair Mask massaging the strand by strand;
- Let the Mask act for 5 minutes and massage again;
- Rinse the entire product, finish as desired;

-Repair Shampoo 1L
-Hydrating Conditioner 1L