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Ingel Maxx Perfect Brush Kit 2x1L - Forever Liss

Forever Liss

Ingel Maxx Perfect Brush Kit 2x1L - Forever Liss

€110.00 EUR

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The Forever Liss always innovating on what is most modern and revolutionary in Hair straightening has just brought to the market for the cosmetics Brush Progressive Ingel Maxx promises to be the solution to the hairdressers leaving their customers completely satisfied with a straight hair, so quick and easy use not wearing the client nor the professional and complete security and quality for health and wellness of both.  
A Progressive Brush Ingel Maxx is suitable for any hair type and is compatible with any type of chemical hair offers full repair, reduction and control volume while maintaining extremely smooth and hydrated hair. Its unique formula is rich inArgan Oil, Keratin Ojon and low molecular weight. 

Technology: The Progressive Ingel Maxx is developed through an exclusive technology "No Brush" . use in other countries and only here in Brazil
- has low molecular weight preventing treatment leave the hair with a texture forced straightening, natural keeping smooth.
- light texture and fast-absorbing quick-drying, easy and reduces the work of applying avoiding the need to stay professional hair brushing for a long period.
- Provides smooth long lasting effect to penetrate and nourish the hair fiber internally, preventing the wire is damaged but smooth for a long time. - Besides all still forms a protective film on the wires preventing it from being easily beaten by thermal stresses and . forecast

- Rich in nourishing and moisturizing active that restore the hair fiber and provides protection seals the cuticles of the wires extending the smooth effect.
- Argan Oil: Natural compound rich in vitamins A and E and omegas 6:09 that is instantly absorbed by all hair types, providing softness and luminous shine
- Ojon Oil: Natural compound rich in Vitamins A and E, antioxidants and minerals which are instantly absorbed by all hair types, providing softness and luminous shine
- Phitoqueratina: Works in restoration of lost over chemical and mechanical procedures dough, allowing the hair fiber hold up realigned and natural looking.
- Another set of unique amino acids that provide progressive alignment resulting in super volume reduction and glare .

How to use:
- Wash hair with Active Clean Shampoo to remove impurities from yarn, repeat the application pause and leave for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
- Dry the hair and apply the 100% Gel Reducer , (Caution Do not apply too much, spend little) and half length of the wick using a brush respecting 1 cm from the root
- Distribute any product with the help of a comb fine tooth combing several times the same mecha even involve the entire thread.
- Let stand for 15 minutes, dry your hair on medium heat (Do not Need Brushing)
- Divide hair into thin slivers and pranchar on average 10 to 15 times each mecha. READY PERFECT HAIR, SMOOTH AND WONDERFUL!
- After the treatment, wash all the hair removing the product.

- Finish as desired. Optional: If your hair has a tougher waving before pranchar can use the system brushing.


-1 Active Clean Shampoo 1L
-1 Reducer 1L


USA and Canada - 5 days
Europe - 5 days
Middle East - 6 days

Africa - 7 days
Asia and Oceania - 6 days
South America - 6 days
Spain - 12 days

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