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Formol Free Smooth Treatment Organic Hair Progressive Brush 2x500ml - Gold Spell


We have developed Gold Spell Organic Progressive without formaldehyde to give clients and professionals the opportunity to really have smoothing results without harming their health.

It is compatible with all chemicals, but will always need wick and allergy testing. The active base of our product is Extencilline with PH 1.7 and Tannic / Lactic Acid. Extencilline is a chemical compound used in the pharmaceutical industry which Gold Spell Cosmetics has been using since 2012.

How to Use:
Let the hair totally clean. If necessary, wash more than once. Remove excess with running water and dry with a towel or dryer until your hair is only 80% dry. Spread evenly across the wire. Apply with brush or hands and a comb. With a comb, straighten the hair and let the product act for 35 to 60 minutes. For thicker, tougher hair, let it work for 50 to 60 minutes. For colored, toned and discolored hair let the product act for 35 minutes. After the break time remove excess product with running water only. For blond, discolored or colored hair, completely remove the product from the hair after the break. To improve the result, brush the hair so that it is fully aligned. Flat iron 7 to 10 times per strand. For dyed, brittle blond hair, adjust the curling iron up to 180 ° by planking until the cuticle is fully sealed. If desired, wash your hair. It is important to remember that this is a thermo-activated product, ie it will be necessary to use the dryer to activate the effect of the product.

-1 Gold Spell Treatment Shampoo 500ml
-1 Gold Spell Hair Mask 500ml