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COVID-19: OPEN and shipping orders as usual. Buy with confidence.

Genome Ortho Restructuring Hair Treatment Kit 4 Products - Ybera Paris

by Ybera
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Through research, Ybera sought a hair treatment that surpasses everything that exists and that surpasses the limits of a perfect result. Let's unravel hair composition to create a treatment that revolutionizes salons.
With noble properties, we were able to gather in the genomic line the same chemical characteristics of the hair in its origin, providing a transfusion of assets to the capillary cortex.
Pro-Geno complex (spirulina, used by NASA as a food for astronauts) Vecorexim (liposome rich in vitamins and lipids) and Alfaqueratina (keratin protein modified to remain full).
Genome The origin of hair in its fullness.

Shampoo Orto Reconstructor.- 1L Orto Reconstructor shampoo fills the cracks and porosities of the strands, restructures with anti-sag and double anti-tips, returning movement and shine to the wire.

Liquid Ort Restructuring - 500ml The Liquid Ort Restructuring Wire brings in its formulation active ingredients that together form hair composition in liquid form: spirulina, alpha-keratin, vecorexim, glutamic acid, lactic acid and glucquat. The purpose of this product is to transfuse the cortex of the plant into a human hair, thus causing complete restructuring of the cortex.

Ortho Reconstructive Intensive Mask. - 1kg In addition to the progenic complex (spirulina, alpha-keratin and vecorexin) Orto brings in its formulation, also glutamic acid (which acts on the damaged parts of the threads), lactic acid) and glucquat, with retention power of water in the wires, thus promoting a complete transfusion of the cortex.

Orthotic cutter sealer and rebuilding tip - 1L The cuticle rebuilder closes the cuticles to maintain the properties built by the cortex transfusion, in addition to providing discipline, softness, movement, and shine. It also protects hair from the heat of washers and dryers and facilitates brushing as it minimizes friction when brushing.

01 - Ortho Reconstructive shampoo - 1 l
01 - restructured ortho thread - 500 ml
01 - Intensive reconstruction mask - 1 kg
01 - cuticle sealer or reconstructive cuticles - 1 kg
Indication: Restore hair DNA through a cortex transfusion.