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Brazilian Blond Pearl Effect Green Toning Champagne Tinting Mask 300ml - Nuance

by Nuance

Nuance Green Mask Champagne Tinting Mask is specially designed for bleached blond hair. Nuance Green Tinting Mask has the power to counteract unwanted tones by giving off a platinum pearly effect, and can also be used as a clearer for faded, gray or white blondes.

Its composition is composed of a blend of nutrients with high amino acids, vitamin E and protein, together provide a revitalization on the threads, improving softness, silosity and flexibility in seconds. Promotes deep hydration due to emollient properties and vegetable oils.

How to Use:
Apply Nuance Tint Mask to clean, damp hair, massage gently. From a break of approximately 20 minutes. After the break time rinse thoroughly. Finish as you wish.

01 Nuance Green Champagne Tinting Mask 300ml