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Hair Plastic Formol Free Organic Hair Straightening Kit 2 Itens - Royal Professional


Plástica dos Fios Thermal Sealing Smart Brush is a capillary thermal restructuring and traditional line for immediate hair reconstruction. With a formula based on arginine, açaí extract, acetic acid, amino acids, it transforms damaged hair into smooth and shiny hair.

Plástica dos Fios Thermal Sealing Smart Brush is indicated for wavy or curly hair with or without chemicals, also compatible with all types of hair, including blonde, without letting it fade due to the heat of the flat iron..

Hair Plastic is a treatment that provides hair without "frizz" and perfectly SMOOTH. With the products of the line, the professional hairdresser performs the thermal sealing service, which promotes hair repair from the inside out and helps transform damaged hair into smooth, shiny and fully aligned hair. Deeply restored, luminous and soft hair.

01 - Organic Anti-Residue Plastic Thread Shampoo - 1000ml
01 - Organic Sealing Thread Plastic Active - 1000ml (NO FORMOL)