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Extended Nutrition Vegan Murumuru Cream Pulp Leave-in Finisher 150g - Haskell

by Haskell

Nourishing leave-in for dry and rough hair. Haskell Murumuru Pulp in Cream protects and gives malleability that facilitates the finishing. Ideal for those who feel stiff and lifeless wires. It helps replenish nutrients for the dried hair. The hair is more silky, easy to detangle and finish, protected against high temperatures. Less frizz and incredible luminosity.

Murumuru butter: highly nutritious Amazonian fruit. Recovers hydration and nourishment of the threads for more softness.

Vegan formula, paraben-free and dermatologically tested.

How to Use:
On damp and clean wires, apply the leave-in on the length and ends.
Spread well and finish as desired. Do not rinse.

-01 Haskell Murumuru Vegan Leave-In 150g