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Hidrat Okra Home Care Mintenance Kit 3x500ml - Tree Liss


Indicated for hair with oily root and sensitized.

Bringing softness, hydration and shine, regeneration of the hair fiber, smoother and stronger hair.

Okra Shampoo: indicated to maintain the perfect nutrition of the hair and the scalp, giving hydration with lasting effect. Elaborated with power, revitalization of damaged hair, resistance, shine, softness and silkiness.
Does not Contain Salt ..

Conditioner Okra: for the assistants Age, revitalizing the washed hair promoting the disorder making them softly soft.Elaborated with okra restores the damaged stitches of the yarn becoming stronger and larger ..

Okra Mask: Intensive revitalization and hydration of the threads, enhancing the luster and suppleness making it soft and silky. Elaborated with the help of damaged yarns leaving them stronger, healthier and emollient.