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COVID-19: OPEN and shipping orders as usual. Buy with confidence.
COVID-19: OPEN and shipping orders as usual. Buy with confidence.

I'm Blonde Matizator Capillary Alignment Kit 2 Products - Felps

by Felps

Felps 'I'm Blonde" (Sou Loira) Matizator White Platinum is a powerful non-blending treatment for blond, discolored and gray hair. It provides its own the most beautiful hydrated, with extraordinary brilliance and white platinum effect, a dream color.

Proof Toych: Apply a small amount of product to the forearm or behind the ear and rinse. If you get a rash, suspend the use.

How to Use:
With clean, damp hair, apply the Platinum White Matizator from the root to the tips, rubbing without massaging. Wait for 1 o 5 minutes until you reach the desired effect.

Felps "I'm Blonde" (Sou Loira) Smooth Nuance Capillary Alignment XBTX 300g
is a capillary system model that reduces volume, eliminates frizz, protects wires. Its violet pigment formula rescues pure and healthy blonde, repairs a hair fiber and instantaneously corrects the yellowing of the hair. Can be used every 15 days.

How to use:
 -Wash the hair with anti-residue shampoo;
- Separate them in strands;
- With the aid of a brush, apply I am Blonde Matizator Mask to one centimeter of the root;
- Let it act from 10 to 30 minutes, then rinse in abundance;
- If 80% of the threads, brush and divide the hair into 4 equal parts;
- Plank in thin wicks of 5 to 10 times each;
- Finish as you wish.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This products contains pigments. It is indispensable the accompaniment of the professional hairdresser during a product action without time of pause. Rinse that that is effective effective, avoiding the excess of pigmentation in the wires.