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Infusion Vegan Hair Wax 650ml + Night Spa Serum 250ml - Truss Professional

by Truss

Truss Infusion it has high-tech assets with nanotechnological molecules of high-performance reconstructive inside fiber and miracle oils, blend of light and noble oils that moisturize and nourish the threads like no other, to a new generation of active, vegan wax, with seal of sustainability Ecocert. Wax is derived from a highly nutritive fruit from the Andes called Myrica and its biggest differential is its ability to protect. Because it is extracted from a fruit that is resistant to extreme temperatures, the fruit naturally produces a protective wax, which makes a true seal of all its internal nutrients and protects it from external agents - and it is exactly the same way it acts on the wires, promoting ultra-effective shielding.

To make even more complete the treatment done in your house with the Infusion Truss, was created the home maintenance version, the Truss Night Spa - with a lighter formula in Serum, ideal for weekly reapplication, so the hair will remain intact until the next visit to the hall.

Myrica Fruit Wax: 100% vegan wax.
Phospholipids: increase elasticity, transport nutrients inside the fiber effectively, combat dryness and increase softness and radiance.
Bio Cysteine: microaminoacid in bioaffinity with the strands. Powerful rebuilder, increases fiber flexibility and strength, protecting mainly chemically treated hair.
Blend of Miracle Oils: recover damage to the wires. It replenishes protein amino acids and lipids, which increase elasticity and resistance. Provides softness in addition to reducing frizz.
Ceramides: increase the softness and restore the wires, providing brightness, and have Color Protection action.
Vitamin E: has antiaging action, helps in the growth of the wires and protects them against the damages caused by the solar rays.
Vitamin F: slows the loss of hair pigmentation and revitalizes dry and damaged hair.
Soft Effect: Restores damaged hair, promoting intense conditioning. Antifrizz, double tip repair and thermal protector.

How to use:
Infusion - On dry hair, apply strand by strand with a brush on length and ends, avoid close to the root. Massage and let stand for 30 minutes. Wash twice with Truss Bidimensional Shampoo and apply Intensive Truss Nutrition or Truss Net.  Massage and rinse.
Night Spa - at night, apply dry hair to wick, length and ends. Do not apply close to the root. Massage well. If necessary, remove excess moisture with the dryer. Let it act during sleep. The next day, wash with the Shampoo and Conditioner or Truss Mask of your choice. Weekly use.


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