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Extreme 5 Up N Straight Fugace Repair Conditioner 230ml - Itallian Hair Tech

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Smooth Fugace Extreme Up was developed especially for the recovery and regeneration of damaged hair, preparing it to receive the most diverse chemical processes. Prevents the effect of frizz, in addition to thermal protection that protects the threads from the cumulative action caused by thermal aggressions from the dryer and board.
The Straight Fugace Extreme Up Itallian promotes straight hair without chemical for longer is a temporary smoothing gel, thermoprotective that allows a smooth brush resisting wet weather and until the next wash.

How to Use:
After using the Extreme Up Keratin Crystal, and with the dry wires, distribute a sufficient amount of Liso Fugace Extreme Up over the length and ends.
Start the brushing process with a dryer and, if necessary, finish with the board.

-01 Itallian Hair Tech Extreme 5 Up N Straight Liso Fugace Repair 230ml