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Keratin Capillary Treatment Professional Brazilian Hair Seduction Kit 3x1L - Zap

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Already available for you here in Brazil, the exclusive line for professional use, Brasilian Hair Seduction, previously sold only in international trade. Zap Cosméticos created this line to serve entrepreneurs in the Beauty industry, who want to obtain extremely satisfactory results from their customers. Straight, silky hair with emollience and extreme shine is with Brasilian Hair Seduction. Guarantee yours now.

CLARIFYNG SHAMPOO removes accumulated residues and prepares hair for treatment procedures.

HAIR TREATMENT promotes alignment, ultra hydration and shine to the hair, reconstruction, softness and lightness, with natural and conditioning effect.

SILKY MASK restores the natural pH of the hair, gives it incomparable softness and shine, with conditioning effect.

How to Use:
With wet hair, apply a sufficient amount of Anti-Residue Shampoo, gently massaging the hair, rubbing it in the opposite direction of the strands. Rinse thoroughly and repeat this process for two more times, noting if cuticles have opened. Rinse again. With the hair already cleaned by Anti-Residue Shampoo and moist, divide the threads into quadrants, apply Hair Treatment evenly throughout the length of the threads, strand by strand, from root to tip. With a dryer, alternating cold air and hot air, dry the hair and plank in thin strands. Rinse thoroughly.
After finishing the treatment with Anti-Residue Shampoo and Hair Treatment, with wet hair, apply Silky Mask evenly over the entire length of the hair, massaging from root to tip, let it act for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse and finish as desired.

-01 Zap Brasilian Hair Seduction Shampoo 1L
-01 Zap Brasilian Hair Seduction Hair Treatment 1L
-01 Zap Brasilian Hair Seduction Silky Mask 1L