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Keratin Recovery Reconstructive Brush 650ml - Truss Professional

by Truss

Keratin Recovery it is a versatile product that can be used in several processes that require rapid capillary recovery by rebuilding the interior (cortex) and outer (cuticles) of the hair fiber. Example: Protection of damaged wicks. Mixed with decolorizing powder to weaken its action. Protection in Discolourations. Reconstructive brush. Keratin shock. Reconstruction, Elasticity and Resistance.

Glow System: Intelligent technology asset that delivers extraordinary gloss in 3D effect gloss, nourishes and protects color from colored hair and creates a long-lasting protective film.
Polisil: acts on the cuticles returning moisture and elasticity to dehydrated threads.
Bio Affinity Complex: Provides phyto-nutrient elements for damaged cuticle repair, restoring hair damaged by chemical processes or external aggressions (UV rays, wind, excessive use of the dryer and plank). It recovers the strength, strength and natural flexibility of the threads, leaving them stronger and softer. Prolongs glare, prevents double tips, protects film form and prevents color change.
Nano Repair: acts as a cement inside the fiber and at the same time as a glossy adhesive on the cuticles.
Sericin: amino acid to reconstruct the hair that went through chemical processes.
Creatine: powerful amino acid derivative, a microparticle that penetrates deeply into the hair fiber due to its reduced size, recovering damaged yarns by chemical and physical processes, increasing the resistance of the hair fiber. Protects, revitalizes and moisturizes wires, providing better combability. Helps minimizing the effects of hair aging, acting as a repairer and hair protector.
Keratin: protein quickly absorbed by the hair, increasing its resistance and providing body to the hair. Comprised of 18 amino acids: alanine, valine, isoleucine, serine, threonine, leucine, phenylalanine, tyrosine, tryptophan, proline, aspartic acid, glutamic acid, glycine, lysine, arginine, methionine, cysteine ​​and histidine.
Collagen: Gives elasticity and flexibility to the threads.
Hydrolized Wheat Protein: contains plant peptides from wheat. Protects and assists in restoring the natural flexibility of hair.

How to use:
Discolouration Protection: Add 1 pump (3.5g) of Keratin Recovery to the bleach mixture (Discolorizing Powder + Oxygenated Water).
Reconstructive Brush: Wash hair with the Truss Shampoo and Conditioner / Mask more suitable for hair type. Apply sufficient amount on wires to wrap Keratin Recovery Truss(1 to 2 pumps). Massage spreading well and disengage. Dry by making a smooth or patterned brush.
Keratin Restore Treatment: Wash your hair with Truss Clarifying Work Station Shampoo or Bidimensional Work Station Truss Shampoo (porous and brittle hair). Remove excess water. Apply, strand by strand, Keratin Recovery (approximately 50ml for medium hair). Gently massage from top to bottom. Do not rinse. Pass the Truss Exclusive Steam Board with Recovery Complex , strand by strand, all over the hair. Do not rinse. Apply the Intensive Nutrition Work Station. Massage for 5 minutes. Rinse well. Finish with the Truss Heat Shield of your choice. A smooth or patterned brush can be made.



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