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Cacau Brazilian Shine Progressive Brush Kit 2x1L - Eternity Liss

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The Brazilian Shine line is a compound thermo active based in almonds type 1 and cocoa extract rich in vitamins A, C, E and minerals such as iron and potassium, moreover presents antioxidants. The cocoa butter is rich in omega 9 and soothing emollients, giving shine, softness and a natural and long-lasting smooth effect.
The volume reducer Brazilian Cocoa Shine is a perfect match for those damaged and dry hair. Its formula contains a NUTRITION system which is a compound thermo-based assets of almond type 1 and cocoa butter. Almond Type 1 is rich in omega 9 and soothing emollients, giving shine and softness. Cocoa butter helps prevent loss, strengthening the hair and leaves more healthy and shiny appearance. The hair becomes stronger with a smooth, natural and lasting effect.

DEEP CLEANING SHAMPOO STEP 1 - Promotes deep waste removal, preparing the hair to receive the full action of the volume reducer.
REDUCING VOLUME STEP 2 - Treatment conditioning with high-capacity alignment and volume reduction, providing easy to control hair, soft and shiny.

How to use:

-Apply Eternity Liss Brazilian Cacau Shine Shampoo Anti Waste to damp hair. Gently massaging. Let stand for a few minutes and rinse.
-Dry the hair by 100%, in separate strands and apply Eternity Liss Brazilian Cacau Reconstructor Shine. Let stand for 20 minutes. Thoroughly dry the wires, and pranche into thin strands, 7 times each. Finalize as desired.


-1 Deep Cleansing Shampoo 1L
-1 Volume Reducing 1L