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Restore Toning Shampoo & Mask Perfect Blonder Hair 2x1L - Floractive


Perfect Blonder Shampoo is indicated to standardize the color of gray and blond hair, gradually neutralizing the yellowish sheen, sanitizing and treating giving treatment to the wires. The Restorative Perfect Blonder  Mask was developed to treat, nourish and remove the yellowing of white, blond and colored thread, leaving them healthy and cared for.

How to use:

Apply the Perfect Blonder shampoo on wet hair and wash slightly in order to remove the waste. Rinse and reapply the shampoo massaging the scalp gently until it forms a creamy rich lather. Rinse and condition. Then apply the Restorative Perfect Blonder Mask on clean damp hair, starting at the tips and gently distribute the product throughout the hair. Let sit for a few minutes and rinse. Use 3 times per week.


-1 Floractive Toning Shampoo 1000ml

-1 Floractive Restorative Toning Mask 1000ml