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DNA Repair Kit Salon Duo (2 Products) - YKAS

by Ykas

Bio-Amino Builders on: replenish the lost proteins for repair and strengthening of the yarn structure.

Apply the shampoo to damp hair massaging gently. Then rinse thoroughly. If you prefer a more thorough cleaning repeat the processo.Em then, spread the length of the conditioner to the ends. Let stand for 2 minutes and enxágue.Nossos Experts EnsinamCaso you do some smoothing, watch to how many days you have to wait to wash your hair after the procedure. There are chemicals that require up to 48 hours of waiting not to compromise the result final.Saiba more: The hair stylist Everson Fernandes speaks what you should know before you change your look.

Kit for damaged hair after chemical procedures. The DNA Repair Kit YKAS Salon Duo is a reconstruction of the hair fiber as it cleans and untangles the fios.O Kit YKAS DNA Repair Salon Duo is a replacement protein in sensitized wires to regain lost resistance to external aggression. Thus, it is a great ally in the treatment of hair that have undergone químicas.ContémYKAS DNA Repair - Shampoo 1000ml: help in repairing the hair fiber during limpeza.YKAS DNA Repair - Conditioner 1000ml: reconstructs the hair fiber during the daily care, which leaves the easiest wire comb. His hair is clean, untangled, restored and much tougher.