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Professional Madame Cocoa Reconstruction Hair Treatment Mask 250g - Madamelis


Madame Cacau Madamelis Treatment Mask restores hair and brittle hair. Made with Cocoa Extract, it has a powerful antioxidant action, which makes it able to fight free radicals that harm hair health. It also composes a blend of amino acids that provides hair with reconstruction of the capillary fiber and intense shine.

Usage advice:
- For extremely damaged hair use,
1st Week> Use 3 times
2nd Week> Use 2 times
3rd Week> Use 1 time
After the full recovery of your hair, control the use well every 10 days or when you think it is necessary.
- For maintenance and prevention of split ends and dryness use,
1st Week> Use 2 times
2nd Week> Use 1 times
Then every 10 days.

How to use:
Apply a generous amount to the hair, of Madame Cocoa Mask in length and gloving tips. Let stand for 10 minutes. Rinse hair and finish as desired.
Tip: To enhance the effect, brush your hair and then straighten it.

-01 Madamelis Madame Cocoa Hair Mask 250g