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MeAliza Hair Treatment Kit 4 Products - Forever Liss

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MeAliza Mask 250g - contains nano particles and proteins present in its composition that nourish and fill the porosity of damaged hair. When thermoactivated, it promotes volume reduction, decreased frizz and improved combability, providing ultra-hydration and stronger hair. Continuous use will result in increasingly smooth, shiny, loose, frizz-free wires. There is no Chemistry.

MeAliza Shampoo 300ml - with innovative composition and moisturizing acts effectively, eliminating possible residues on the scalp without harming the structure of the yarn, without irritation, smoothing the cuticles and providing shine, hydration, smooth effect and combat frizz in the hair.

Mealiza Conditioner 300ml - was developed to provide a sensorial differentiated to the hair that are: Softness, ultra-brightness and new life to the hair. It disembowels and improves the combability due to the assets that together form a synergy in the hair strands leaving the silky and perfect.

MeAliza Leave-In 140g - has essential benefits for everyday use, Anti Frizz, Thermal Protection, Brightness and End of Double Ends. Indicated for all types of hair combat problems of opacity and dryness keeping the wires smoother. Without rinsing.

How to use:
- Apply the Shampoo Mealiza, on wet hair, massaging well to remove the residues that oppose the total formation of the foam;
- Rinse and repeat the application by sliding the threads between the fingers of the root until the tips until it forms a rich foam;
- In the second application let it act for 3 minutes;
- Rinse thoroughly.
- Apply the Mask Meal with wet hair throughout the area of ​​the hair evenly distributed with a comb;
- Leave to stand for 10 minutes until you notice that the product has been fully absorbed;
- Rinse normally and finish as desired.
- After using the Shampoo apply the Meal Conditioner with the wet hair in every area of ​​the yarn evenly distributing with a comb;
- Leave it on for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.
- With hair dry or damp, apply a small amount Leave-in MeAliza on length and ends;
- Gently massage wick to wick;
- Do not rinse and finish modeling as you wish.