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Hair Growth Nanovin A Krina Horse Shampoo Pump Treatment 300ml - Nanovin

by Nanovin

The shampoo Nanovin A Pretreatment is a natural phytotherapic indicated for a hair growth treatment. It has in its composition natural substances that nourish the threads, in an innovative formula, improving your health, beauty, shine, softness and flexibility of the hair.

Nanovin A makes hair stronger and more resistant. Especially if you make brushes, flat iron, use dyes, make progressive, discolorations, smoothing of any kind or other chemical processes. Prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth while maintaining the health of the hair bulb.

How to Use:
Apply Krina Shampoo by gently massaging with your fingertips. Let it act for a few minutes. Rinse and dry.
For best results after washing, apply Krina Line Hair Tonic.

-01 Hair Growth Nanovin A Krina Horse Shampoo 300ml