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Brazilian Nanovin A Indian Snake Oil Hair Growth Cobra Indiana 30ml - Nanovin

by Nanovin

Cobra Hair Oil is formulated with nutrifunctional oils that hydrate and benefit hair growth, combating hair loss and dandruff. Cobra Hair Oil 60ml - Grows Hair - Hydration - Tip Repair

The product is 100% natural, composed of a mix of oils that were extracted by cold pressing to guarantee maximum efficiency:

How to Use:
- Apply Cobra Hair Oil at night on dry scalp, massaging gently and washing your hair in the morning. Repeat once a week.
- Apply Cobra Hair Oil with damp hair and massage well, then wrap in a warm towel. This damp towel can be heated in the microwave. After an hour, rinse. Repeat once a week.
- Mix 3 drops of Cobra Hair Oil in the Shampoo.
- Antifrizz, Natural Brightness and Tip Repair - Apply a few drops on the palm of your hand, without excess, and pass on the wires and tips.

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