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Nao Chore Mais No More Crying Progressive Hair Treatment 2x350ml - Borabella


The Borabella No More Crying Progressive Brush is currently considered one of the best in the market, as it provides 100% straight, disciplined, loose, light, soft, intense salon shine, volume-controlled hair, completely eliminating frizz and even the strands more rebels.

Its innovative formulation contains modern low molecular weight actives that work by restructuring the cortex and rearranging the cuticles and completely treating the hair. All this thanks to the unique active blend called BioComplex consisting of Hyaluronic Acid + Glutamic + Aspartic + 19 Amino Acids + Silk Protein + 2 Coconut and Ojon Oils.

In several tests, the progressive Don't Cry More, stood out from the best progressives in the market in several points such as:
- Does not cause Burning, Tears or discomfort during application.
- Really Perfect and Natural Smooth.
- Color protection, reduces fading dark tones, and prevents yellowing of blonde tones.
- High durability of smooth effect for up to 4 months.
- Dual Color Pigment, can be used in all hair colors, including blond and streaks.
- Restores hair mass and restores strength to the hair thanks to proteins and amino acids.
- Moisturizing and Brightening Intense.
- Does not dry tips or damage the wires.
- Greater durability of board, because it does not board with the product in the hair.
- Smoother, Looser hair with movement, balance and naturalness.
- Compatible with all other Progressive Marks of the Market. (Except relaxation ammonia thioglycolate)

How to Use:
- After washing with Step Anti-Residue Shampoo, wipe off excess water with towel.
- Apply Step 2 Treatment from root to tip and allow 45 to 60 minutes break, depending on hair type.
- After the break, rinse the hair with water only partially removing the product.
- Dry and Brush, then divide hair into 4 parts.
- 15 to 25 times flat iron in very thin strands
- Finish as you wish.

-1 Borabella Nao Chore Mais Progressive 2x350ml