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Natublond (Blond Hair) Brazilian Formaldehyde Free Organic Kit 2x1Lt - Naturale


NATUBLOND line is a 100% organic line specially developed for blondes, platinadas, lights or wicks, without yellowing the yarn, giving a 100% Tinted effect, being compatible with any type of chemical.

Natublond is a complete high performance product. It has active systems that act on the hair and hair bulb, is a treatment with natural organic acids, which act globally in the threads, promoting natural hydration, anti-oxidant protection, anti-frizz action and smoothing the whole yarn.
How to use:
- Wash 2 to 3x with Deep Cleansing Shampoo
- Dry 100% without combing or brushing
- Apply Step 2 with the fine brush or comb
- Leave for 15 minutes
- Rinse thoroughly
- Dry 100% again Without Brushing
- Clip the hair in wicks.

"Obs. In case of very curly hair, you can do it without removing step 2 from the hair.

01 - (Step 1) Anti-Wrinkle Shampoo 1L
01 - (Step 2) Progressive Brush 1L