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New Fox Gloss Progressive Brush Hair Straightening Smoothing Kit 2x1L - Fox

by Fox

New Fox Gloss is a Progressive Brush suitable for all hair types, its formula developed with Polyphenols, Organic Acids and Special Chemistry nourishes intensely, perfectly aligning the wires reducing volume giving smooth effect of long duration. Composed of natural sealant resins, it works on the cuticle of the threads, not reaching the cortex or the capillary cord, preserving the threads against breakage or any damage.

Indicated for all hair types, it promotes a long lasting smooth effect, moisturizes and aligns the hair intensely!

New Fox Gloss Shampoo 1L - It balances the PH, allowing the cuticles to open, leaving the yarns extremely clean, ready to receive the conditioning treatment.

New Fox Gloss Conditioner 1L - Developed with Polyphenols and organic acids nourishes and aligns the cuticular structure, improving the capillary cohesion and preserving the structure of the hair. Enriched with Protein Blend and natural resins, it helps restore the luster and flexibility of the threads, promoting nourishing tenderness and rebuilding due to its high hydration and conditioning power.

Result: Hair extremely hydrated, without volume, smooth, soft, without frizz and silky.

How to Use: With wet hair, apply the New Fox Gloss Shampoo, rubbing hair from root to tip;
Repeat the application for 2 more times and last time, let the product act for 20 minutes;
If necessary, re-apply and leave to soak again;
Begin the second step only when the cuticles are fully open;
After you have washed your hair with the New Shampoo Dilator Gloss Release, dry them thoroughly;
Divide the hair into 4 parts, apply the product in fine wicks, remove the excess with a towel;
Dry and apply porcelain veneer;
Wait 15 minutes and rinse