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No Formol Progressive Semi Definitive Vegan Organic Lisorganic 2x300ml - Exatbel

by Exatbel

The Lisorganic Kit composed by Semidefinitiva Organic without formaldehyde + Anti-Residue Shampoo, is indicated for all types of hair.

Anti-Residue Shampoo - Purifies hair and scalp. Ph 7.5. Carefully developed for all hair types. It promotes a deep cleaning in the threads, removing the accumulated residues that leave the hair heavy, opaque and lifeless. It is indicated to prepare and open the cuticle of the hair to receive hair treatments.

Progressive Lisorganic without formaldehyde - Keratin + Sunflower Oil + Argan Oil + D'Panthenol. Ph 4.0. Formulated with Keratin (which reconstructs fiber) and Argan Oil (which gives shine and softness). Indicated for all types of hair, reduces the volume, improves the structure and provides smooth and natural appearance.

How to use:
1 - Wash your hair with Lisorganic Anti-Residue Shampoo.
2 - Shampoo included in the kit.
3 - Dry it 100% from the root to the tips.
4- Apply the Lisorganic Semidefinitive from the root and spread to the tips. (Use a brush or your own hands (with gloves) + a comb)
5 - Let the product act for 50 to 60 minutes. (Do not exceed the indicated time)
6 - Rinse 50% of the product.
7 - Dry the hair with the dryer, finish with a brush and then pass the board through thin strands, 15 to 20 times
8 - Rock out.

Lisorganic can be used in any chemical previously made in your hair, except for products containing Lead, no matter how small the percentage.
Take an average of 7 days to apply Lisorganic after any hair chemical procedure. We recommend that you do a wick test before application, without exception.

Pregnant women and breastfeeding women can use the Semi definitive kit.
Lisorganic has no contraindications for pregnant women and breastfeeding women, but medical advice is essential.

-Exatbel Anti-Residue Shampoo 300ml
-Exatbel Semi Definitive Lisorganic 0% Formaldehyde Organic 300ml