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Ojon Oil Caribbean Formaldehyde Free Progressive Brush Kit 2x1L - VIP

by VIP

The Vip Caribbean Progressive Brush is a formol free hair straightening that realigns the hair fiber providing smooth hair. Made with nanotechnology, brings surprising results to the most resistant hair, with a blend of acids with lactic acid, glyoxylic, hyaluronic and powerful Ojon oil. Its hair has become smooth, pliable and shiny on the first application.

It makes your hair look smooth and moisturized. It does not disturb the natural structure of the hair, which makes the wires become healthier and brighter, giving back the natural effect of the locks.

How to use:
*Attention wash your hair very well with attention to the back of the neck and forehead; These areas have greater accumulation of oils and creams; Wire cleaning is one of the great secrets to the perfect result;

-Wash your hair with Vip Ojon Oil Deep Cleaning Shampoo;
-Remove excess water with a towel;
-Dry about 80% hair dryer;
Apply the Vip Ojon Oil Mask wick to wick with a brush and a comb to spread the length of the hair.
-Let the product act for 20 to 40 minutes. (Blond, fine or slightly curly hair leave 20 minutes / thick hair, virgin, afros or very curly hair leave about 40 minutes);
-Rinse hair with water by removing excess product;
-Dry the hair with the aid of the hair dryer;
-Clip the hair in thin wicks working very well the wicks (Blonde hair and fine hair attention to the temperature of the flat that should NOT exceed 190 degrees);
-Let hair cool and wash with post-chemical shampoo;

01 - Anti Waste Ojon Oil Shampoo 1000ml;
01 - Anti Frizz Ojon Oil Mask 1000ml.