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Plastic Capillary Xbtx Progressive Brush Kit 2x1L - Felps

by Felps
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The Btox Ojon Capillary Felts and Macadamia Progressive Brush was specially developed to provide smooth effect to the hair. Its formula promotes hair alignment and volume reduction. Professional Felps XBTX Capillary Plastic Progressive Brush 2x1000ml Progressive XBTX Capillary Brush promotes long-lasting capillary alignment.

Hydrated hair with shine and without volume providing a perfect and natural smooth. Anti-waste Shampoo XBTX Professional Cappers Feline Capless designed to clean deeply without damaging the wires.

Prepares hair to receive active moisturizing. Thermal Seal Resistence XBTX Professional Felps Capillary Plastic and a volume reducing mask that promotes long-lasting capillary alignment. Provides hydrated, shiny and volume-free hair.


How to use:


Step1: XBTX Anti-Shampoo Anti-Shampoo Professional Hair Felps

1) Wash hair with Felps Anti-Dilator Shampoo.

2) Massage gently by rubbing all the hair well from the root to the tips.

3) Rinse well, repeat the application twice more.


Step 2: Thermal Sealing XBTX Professional Capping Felps

1) Dry the hairs from 80% to 100%, divide them into 4 parts and apply the Felps Thermal Sealing. The product should be applied with the aid of a brush 1 cm from the root. Use a thin comb to spread the product. The application should be done evenly up to the ends of the hair.

2) Remove excess moisture from the wires with a towel.

3) Dry 80% of hair with dryer in cold air.

4) Brush and then wire the wick between 10 to 15 times.

5) Finish as you wish. BENEFITS: - 100% straight hair. - Yarns nourished and without frizz. - Intense brightness.

The treatment is fully compatible with any other chemistry Result: Hydrated hair with shine and without volume providing a perfect and natural smooth.


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