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Organic Nano Gel Brazilian Treatment with Rosa Mosqueta 1L - Floractive

Organic Nano Gel is a sealant with the gel base has a strengthening serum, which ensures greater to the yarn. It brings the organic oil of Rosa Mosqueta oil that has a powerful effect, giving emollience and returning hydration to dry wires. With soft fragrance that brings delicacy, freshness and femininity.

Rose Mosqueta rich fatty acids like omega 6 and 3, they represent 80% of its components. Together they avoid dehydration and still form a protective film of the yarn against external aggressions;

Vitamin A and E, with properties that aid in the rejuvenation of cells. Betacarotene and lycopene

How to use:
No need to wash the hair. Spray some water to just humify the hair. Apply Organic Nano Gel in every hair strand and distribute with the help of a fine tooth comb from roots to ends. Let the product act for 60 minutes. Rinse hair (with water only). Do not remove the produte completely. Dry the hair 80% to 90% (only with hair dryer, it is necessary to use the brush). Apply flat iron slowly in small sections, 15 times on average according to the structure and strength of the fiber. After ironing the hair, wash it again with Floractive Home Care.