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Plastica dos Argila - 3x 500ml Cadiveu - The Keratin Store


Plastica de Argila 500ml - Cadiveu

€99.00 EUR

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The Plastic Hair Cadiveu discipline and recovers the hair and is developed especially those who need more care as a result of dryness caused by chemical procedures and thermal agents as dryers and straightening plates. The product also provides incredible softness and silky feel to the hair, besides conferring a perfect smoothing that reduces volume and eliminates frizz.
Suitable especially for hair that went through various chemical processes, offers hair recovery, reduction of volume and hydration.

How to use:

- Wash hair with Shampoo Revitalizing Plastic clay (Step 1) , gently massaging the scalp and rinse thoroughly then. Repeat to completely remove the waste yarn;

- Remove excess wire water pressing gently with a towel, without rubbing;

- Separate the hair into 6 parts and apply the Plastic Mask Clay (Step 2) in each with a brush or even by hand;

- Comb the wicks for better distribution of the product and enluve each for 5 minutes. Do not rinse;

- yet with Clay Mask (Step 2) in the wires, apply the Finisher Plastic clay Fluid (Step
3) for its entire length (the hair with oily skin, apply at a distance of 2 fingers of leather) .

- Massage leather and wire and enluve the locks again. Let stand for 5 minutes.

- Rinse thoroughly wires with lukewarm to cool water, removing any excess product;

- Apply a few drops of fluid Finisher (Step 3) again and proceed with the drying wires.


- Hair 100% healthy, strong and restored!


-1 Revitalizing shampoo 500ml

-1 Clay mask 500ml

-1 Finishing fluid 500ml


USA and Canada - 5 days
Europe - 5 days
Middle East - 6 days

Africa - 7 days
Asia and Oceania - 6 days
South America - 6 days
Spain - 12 days

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