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Post-Chemical Speed Treatment Kit 2x1500ml - Ocean Hair

Line elaborated with Extract of Mint.

Deep cleans the scalp making a perfect detoxification from the root to the tips, avoiding diseases like dandruff, seborrhea and totally controlling excessive oiliness.

With step 2 it offers a perfect hydration for the dried tips, giving shine and lightness to the threads.

Shampoo Speed ​​Purifying Treatment Oceanhair 1500ml: Purifying Shampoo Menthol has in its formula witch hazel extract that is astringent clean without leaving them opaque and heavy. Enriched with mint extract and menthol which generate a refreshing, moisturizing and gently astringent effect while keeping hair clean, light and loose for much longer. It imparts lightness, malleability, silkiness and brilliance. It forms a moisturizing foam that leads gently leaving the hair perfectly clean and extremely soft and silky. They do not contain salt.

Oceanhair Purifying Treatment Speed ​​Mask 1500ml: Cleanser, made with witch hazel extract that is astringent and emollient resulting in silky and glossy wires. Enriched with mint extract which generates a refreshing effect besides moisturizing the wires without leaving residues of oiliness. Revitalizes hair making them soft and silky while preserving the lightness of newly washed hair.