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Power Liss Thermal Alignment Semi Definitive Hair Treatment Step 2 1L - Nuance

by Nuance


Step 2 - Power Liss Thermal Alignment - The Power Liss Treatment is made with Coconut Oil and Acai Extracts, obtained from nuts and fruits, which provide unique, nourishing and multi-benefit features emollient, conditioning and moisturizing.

Enriched with Tannin and Glutamic Acid this powerful combination nourishes and realigns the cuticular structure, controlling the unwanted frizz of the wires, providing a 100% smooth result in the first application, leaving them aligned and disciplined.

Revolutionary formula in the world of Professionals with Protect Color * technology (doesn't fade hair color) by acting directly on the structure of damaged, brittle and dull hair, sealing the cuticles and replenishing the necessary vitamins. Product fully compatible with any chemistry (relaxations, hen henan, guanidine, thioglycolate ...). Durability from 3 to 6 months. Ultimate all-natural smooth result.

Allergy test:
Before starting the process, perform an allergy test with the Power Liss Treatment (Step 2) on the forearm and neck.

How to Use:
1 - In the wash basin moisten the hair and apply the deep cleansing shampoo to the full length of the hair massaging the scalp well, let it act for 5 minutes. Rinse and repeat the operation as the need to open the cuticles.
2 - Wash the hair with deep cleansing shampoo, remove excess water.Separate the hair in parts with the aid of a fine comb and brush apply power liss treatment on all locks.
3- After application separate the hair again into super thin strands. With a professional board plank at least 15 times on each strand. After finishing the board procedure, wait for the wires to cool and can wash on time.

01 Step 2 - Power Liss Thermal Alignment - 1L