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Pra Tudo Capillary Schedule Hydration Nutrition Repair Mask 300g - Borabella


It is an innovative, complete and versatile salon treatment mask that allows you to hydrate, nourish, rebuild the hair forming protective film with just one product quickly and conveniently. This is possible thanks to the advanced formulation with more than 25 actives, the main low molecular weight nano encapsulated, which intelligently penetrate and adhere to the hair fiber from the cuticle to the cortex, replenishing mass, lipids is a regenerated, lightweight hair. soft, moving and swaying, ultra hydrated, strong break-free, frizz, rubberized, with sealed and shielded cuticles promoting true salon gloss shine.

For All Types Hair and Situations, especially hair dry and fragile by various chemical processes such as discoloration, straightening and others.

- Real and durable hydration and nutrition (no rebound effect of drying the hair)
- Replenishes Mass and everything hair loses in chemical processes or daily.
- Combats chemical and progressive wire thinning.
- Helps seal and keep cuticles closed, increasing progressive durability.
- Reduces Embarrassment.
- Combat Frizz and split ends.
- Softness and Very Bright Hair.

How to Use:
-Wash hair 2 times with a cleaning shampoo, rinse and remove excess water with the towel.
-Apply the mask of the length to the ends spreading well with the aid of comb, glove and leave to act of 10 to 15 minutes, or 20 to 25 minutes for very dry or damaged hair.
-Rinse, remove excess water with the towel, start brushing and modeling with thermo dryer activate and form protective film (You can also choose to dry naturally if necessary).
Recommended application range: every 3 washes.

Professional Tips:
The product is great to use after using bleaching powder, streaks, lights, etc.
Ideal also progressive powders and straightenings
After staining, it has cationic polymers that adhere to the wire forming film that will protect the color longer.

-1 Borabella Pra Tudo Mask 300g