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Prismcolor Reconstructor Phytantriol Hair Spheres Treatment 2 Products - Richée

by Richée

Treatment kit for chemically treated hair. Richée Professional Prismcolor Multi Reconstructor Duo Kit deeply rescues the strength and vitality of the hair. It also prevents the formation of split ends and protects the color from fading.

It has a formula that penetrates up to the cortex to repair the most fragile areas of the hair in a gradual and lasting way. With it, you can get the treatment your hair needs to return to a healthy and beautiful appearance, in addition to having the necessary strength to remain strong and free from heavy damage.

Phytantriol helps to prevent mechanical damage such as combing and brushing the strands. It is to be biodegradable and safe to use, in addition to offering several benefits such as increasing the effects of Panthenol and Keratin, preventing split ends, providing a multi-reconstruction of the hair to the cortex, improving water retention, reducing color fading and providing extra protection against heat damage.

Hair Spheres with microspheres that increase the incorporation of assets in the cells, and gradually prolong the release of these assets, which increases the durability of their effect. Its main asset is Avocado Oil, rich in proteins beneficial to hair such as vitamins A, C and E, folic acid and potassium. Helps in strengthening, nourishes and moisturizes, reduces fall and breakage and decreases frizz.

Rice Protein, Vegetable Keratin and Pro Vitamin B5: prevents the appearance of split ends in the strands and preserves the color for longer.

3D Gloss Microparticles: increase the brightness of the wires.

How to use:
Apply the shampoo over the wet root, massage until foam and pull from length to ends. Rinse thoroughly. If necessary, repeat the procedure. Then, remove excess water with a towel. Spread the mask over the entire length and ends of the wires and let it act for 3 minutes. Rinse.

-01 Richée Prismcolor Multi Reconstructor Shampoo 250ml
-01 Richée Prismcolor Multi Reconstructor UV ProtectionMask 300g