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Professional Goldilocks Cachinhos Dourados Hair Treatment 3 Prod. - Madamelis

Madamelis Canhinhos Dourados is a line specially developed to define and control curls and volume, facilitating clearance and promoting hydration and hair nutrition.  Leaves curly hair defined, soft, light and loose.

Avocado Oil - It has a high nourishing power, thus avoiding dehydration of the strands, reducing frizz and curls that are always perfect and defined.

Argan oil - Promotes extreme hydration in your hair.

Keratin - Helps eliminate frizz, strengthen and reduce hair breakage

How to Use:
Wash with Shampoo gently the first time to remove residues that oppose the total formation of foam. Rinse and repeat the Madamelis Hydrating Shampoo, sliding the strands between your fingers.  Rinse thoroughly.

Apply the Moisturizing Balm to damp hair right after using the Shampoo, gently massaging strand by strand or using a wide tooth comb. Leave for 5 minutes and rinse normally, finish as desired.

With dry or damp hair, apply a small amount of Leave-in Fixative Film on the length and ends. Do not rinse and finish shaping the curls as you wish.

-01 Madamelis Cachinhos Dourados Shampoo 300ml
-01 Madamelis Cachinhos Dourados Balm 300ml
-01 Madamelis Cachinhos Dourados  Leave-In 300ml